Apple releasing laser keyboard and mini projector with the iPhone 5

9:53 PM By chirag garg ,

             iPhone 5 by Apple is on the verge of releasing in the market. Design of the new iPhone 5 is extremely good. It is having a slim design and edge to edge display. There is also a mini projector present in this phone using which whatever we see on the display screen will be shown in the enlarged view. Large videos can be seen even without a dedicated surface on which projection is to be done. This means that the wall of the room or the table in the room can act as a dedicated surface to project onto. No need to carry the projector or any screen for this. All the features are present in the small phone only. i Phone 5 also consists of a Laser Keyboard so that you can hav a full sized keyboard on any surface with full brightness adjustment.

Laser Keyboard

Mini Projector

              As it is on the verge of releasing so prepare your money to buy it. Many new features are also included there in iPhone 5.