Bella Vista: A Developer Friendly Windows Configuration Tool

At any time you begin a Windows PC for the very first time as a programmer, you may have to make configuration changes that are certain to correct specific settings of the system for development functions.
Perhaps you must enable debugging configure crash dumps, options, or specific environment variables.
First action you'll become aware of after download is the fact that the application doesn't have to be installed. It's possible for you to run the 32-bit or 64-bit variant right after you've pulled the archive file in your system.

Here's a fast summary of what each tab offers with regard to configuration choices.

BCD  Configuration

Empower debugging choices for each Windows configuration. Accessible are distinct debugging options including local network or serial interface. Here you establish settings as default option, and empower other boot associated choices like configuring boot status and menu policies can also duplicate settings, empower evaluation-signing, or disable the startup retrieval sequence.

Crash Dump

One intriguing choice on this site would be to click on a preset to configure settings using a single click.


The page shows three configuration choices you can enable or disable:


The tab shows all existing environment information in a simple manner. Value and each variant is shown in the tab's own row that's way much better in relation to the default Windows manner of showing these information.

The page lets you add, edit and delete variants.

Debug Print Filter

Last but not least, it's likely to place debug print filters on the final tablature.

Final Words:-

BellaVista can be an application that is helpful as it helps programmers in making changes in a user-friendly interface to the Windows configuration. In case these changes must be made, it's without doubt quicker than to make developers manually to use this application.

The application lacks an alternative though which might be rather helpful to
implement all of the changes on another system by loading it to save the entire configuration.

It's still essential to make these changes manually since this really isn't an alternative.


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