How to fix “Google Chrome has stopped working”

Hello Friends!!!!!  There is a problem with every software that may occur often or less than that. Some People call it CRASH. The software stops running and closes. This thing can happen with any software. The same can happen with our favorite Chrome Browser.

Sometimes it happens when you try to start the Google Chrome browser  in your PC it displays the error message "Google Chrome Has Stopped Working" and a close program button. Windows also becomes active as it tries to look for a solution for the issue automatically.

When you try to restart Google Chrome after closing it again crashes as you click the Icon of the program. This problem can occur anytime without giving you a prior hint.

This problem can be resolved via several ways.  I will be taking on each solution below.

Updating  Your Google Chrome Browser

The first one that comes to mind is "Update Google Chrome”.  Updating any software deals with bug fixes and errors along with missing components. This is the most methodical way to counter this type of trouble in any software on any operating system. This may work for you also. Updating your Chrome Browser can fix the error. While the chances are very high that this option will fix your problem, you can try options given below if it doesn’t work for you.

Re-Install Google Chrome Browser Without Un-Installing  It From Your PC

If you are unable to update your browser then you can simply go to "Chrome Download page" and install the newer version without uninstalling the older one.

Re-Install Google Chrome Browser After Un-Installing It From Your PC

If none of this works for you or if you find no newer version or update (means you are already using the latest one) then try installing Chrome after completely uninstalling it from your PC. If you find yourself unable to uninstall Google Chrome or If you find residual files in your registry even after uninstalling then try using some type of Program Uninstaller like Revo or Glary or IObit.

Switch To Previous Version Of  Your Google Chrome Browser

Yet having problems???  It may mean that newer version is the root cause of problem. Either it has bugs or it is not  supported by your operating system or something else. Then  Try switching to previous version. Previous version should be installed after completely uninstalling the newer one.

Try To Search For Any Conflict In Your Google Chrome Browser

If Your browser runs for a short time before closing then type "chrome://conflicts/" -without annotations in the address bar. It will display any conflict that your browser recognizes. This may point you to other programs or files that conflict with Chrome. You can then resolve this issue by yourself.

Try A Different Browser Profile

You can also try a different browser profile on Windows PC. Open "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User\Data\" - without annotations in "Windows Explorer" and rename the Default profile to Default backup after you exit the web browser. Then Run chrome again. The browser will create a new user profile for you. You can use this profile for tests to see if it resolves the issue you are experiencing. If it does, your user profile may be corrupt or you may be using a browser extension or a plug-in that is causing problem.

Check If  Your Windows Files Are Working Properly

"sfc/scannow" - without annotations, is the command recommended by Google to make sure all Windows Files are working properly in a Windows PC. Run it in command prompt. Check if your all windows files are working properly. If notthen it’s your PC that is causing problems; not your Google Chrome Browser.


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