Top 10 games for your brand new iPhone 5

Youngsters are attracted towards new gadgets. The main center of attraction is the gadgets launched by Apple Inc. Apple corporation release latest technology with mind-blowing modification. The gadgets are very user friendly and can be handled very easily. Recently I bought new iPhone 5. It is really an amazing device. The graphics of this new gadget is extraordinary. I am a game lover and I feel that I can easily play lots of new games on this gadget. But the problems are that it contains very less pre installed game applications on it. So if you really want to enjoy games then you have to download corresponding application from its play store. Now again a problem occurs because there are so many game applications available over its play store. So how to choose best among these applications?
I have struggled a lot and tried lots of games, and among those games I found following best game applications for your brand new iPhone 5. Let’s have a look on them.

 Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade II is all about Swipey swordplay along with RPG leveling. It has gorgeous visuals but along with smart resolution of iPhone 5, this game becomes very exciting. This game application is in great demand and is favorite of many iPhone users. This is not a free application and need onetime payment of $6.99.

Needfor speed most wanted

Hmm... Here comes one of my favorite games. This game application is very amazing as it is related to speed. It is the best arcade racer for iOS. Smashing up cops creates a real fun. This speedy game can only be enjoyed on a device having awesome graphics and fast hardware and all this is supported by our new iphone 5. This application is also not available free of cost but for this you have to pay onetime payment of $4.99.


It is basically a loop game but on latest iPhone 5 it is of really great fun. Because of its wide screen the fun of playing these games is enhanced very much as it seems more fluid on iPhone 5. Remember to avoided infinite walls of dooms. For taking fun of this game you have to do onetime payment of $2.99.

Beyond Ynth

It is a kind of platform game with virtual controls. It often makes you shudder by being brilliant at both sides. This is basically a puzzle problem for a bug that has to travel a 2D dimension. While travlling the region the complexity of the crossing boxes increases. While playing this game on iPhone 5 you will experience that your thumb will cover less part of screen so you can easily see what’s coming in between. It is available for only $1.99.

The room pocket

This is a very amazing game. And will entertain you so much. You are just left with a single box in a dark room. My advice is to switch off the lights and wear headphones. Then you will experience the real fun of this game. The best part of this application is that it is available free of cost.


This is the famous football application for iPhone5. This application is really a fun when it is used in iPhone5. The graphics of iPhone5 and its screen clarity is very suitable to this game. The best support is of its wide screen. It can be downloaded for $6.99 only.


This is my favorite time pass game for iPhone5. This game takes all of your concentration in finding fishes, unlocking weapons and other gifts. For only $2.99 this game can be downloaded to your gadget.

Paper Train

It seems like a train made of paper and it moves on a game field which is drawn originally. It never collides with anything. It aims to rescue cows and on every rescue you will get some points. It has four difficulty levels and is operated on 45 simulating maps. You can make your own online records.

Dragon island blue

This is a very interesting game in which you have to find dragon egg in the Blue Island. Then you have to feed your dragon and teach him various techniques. Isn’t it interesting??? After that your grown up dragon has to pass various test sets and corresponding to it you will get points.

Whack it: Frogs

This game is really very funny. It’s not so difficult. The only thing matter here is your speed and concentration. You have to hit as many frogs as possible with your finger and only in 60 seconds.


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