Top 10 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

These days blogging is very common among youth. Most of the people follow blogging for their basic salary. But there are many people who want to do blogging but they don’t know how to do it…
They generally follow some techniques but sometimes they do silly mistakes which should be avoided as these mistakes can bring their site down. So in this post I will teach you which problem you should avoid while blogging

1. Blogging schedule: - A blogger must have a well defined blogging schedule as without any schedule he won’t be able to maintain his blog properly. So try to maintain a regular schedule. For this you can take help of Google Calendar and can prepare your proper schedule. But always keep in mind that if you ever miss this schedule then you site’s graph can decrease but if you will work continuously then you can go up at high speed.

2. Giving less importance to about me page: - It is generally observed that most of your blog visitors like to visit about me page as they want to know about the owner of blog. So if you are not having about me page on your blog then it means that people will show less interest in your blog. So just make an attractive About Me page and add content in such a way that you are directly talking to your readers.

3. Don’t have any blogging goal: - Before entering in blogging business you must have a blogging goal. It simply means that you must define that what you want to do with your blog and after that you must plan your schedule according to that because if you are not having any goal then you can’t make a good blog.

4. No network with others: - Blogging doesn’t means posting contents on your blog. It means that you should make a wide network with other bloggers so that you can spread your popularity everywhere in the world. This will also help you to share your blog with people who are already engaged in blogging and this will ultimately lead you towards great success.

5. Don’t create spam blogs: - While blogging you must keep one thing in mind that you have to share original contents with others. Because if you are spamming then Google will highlight spam contents and this will automatically lets your blog down. One more thing is that if you will make unique contents then there are many chances that your blog will get most of the traffic as there are many people who are in search of new and innovative contents. 

6. Blogging for money: - It is true that most of the people do blogging for money but expecting money from first day is not a good thing. Also if you are not doing much work on your blog and expecting that you will get a good profit then you are fooling yourself. So always try to do hard work as much as possible so that you can earn good money. 

7. Missing other blogs for self updation: - While maintaining your blog you must read others blogs also which are following similar contents. This will update you about the news related to it. Also you can generate new ideas related to contents and by this way your blog will become trendier. 

8. Wasting time on face book: - This is one stupid thing that every person, even blogger do i.e. wasting time on face book. So instead of wasting your time if you will spend that time in blogging then I think you can earn maximum benefit from your blog. So start link building and have fun. 

9. Not promoting blog: - Now adding content to you blog alone is not enough to earn profit, you have to promote your blog on various social websites, forums etc. If you will not promote them then you will get less back links and this will ultimately down the graph of your blog’s progress. 

10. Fail to include variety: - Variety is one of the most important things which you should take care while making a blog. If you will like on different stuff then people will love to read it but if you are including contents of same type then your readers will get bore and will visit your blog less frequently.

So always keep these mistakes in mind while maintaining a blog. Happy Blogging!!! 


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