Top 10 Gaming PCs For 2013

Gaming Pc has got great importance and attention in market from last few years.Gamer Pc have powerful features which make them different from desktop computer.
These PC's has high quality processor,extraordinary RAM and video card.Search engine provides a lot of result about Gamer Pc and it become tough to choose best of one.For your convenience and easiness we has collected the top 10 gaming Pc of 2013.All of these are competitor of each other with top class quality.Following are the details of top 10 gaming PC

1. Velocity Raptor Signature Edition
Top 10 Best Gamer PC Of 2013
This is best gamer PC has only one hard drive .It has Intel core i7 990X processor.It has best processor but lack video card which is hurdle for new games.It has blue ray player and 10 usb ports .It has 8 Gb of RAM and has tendency to upgrade it 16 Gb or 32 Gb. Extended chassis is also available for gaming.Although this device is expensive but it is excellent in its performance among gamer PC.

2. Cyber Power Cobra Fang |||
Top 10 Best Gamer PC Of 2013
It is high ranging gaming computer with affordable price.It provides user friendly interface.Its liquid cool system avoid its from it overheating.It has super video card with 1.2Gb of memory.It has Intel core i7 960 processor.This mid range processor work in excellent way.An important feature is RAM.A gamer pc with low RAM but others best hardware's like video card and processor affect the PC performance and crash the game due to low memory.It uses the MSI X58A-GD45 X58 motherboard.It offers you 3 years working warranty and one year hardware warranty.
Price: $ 1,539.00

3.Maingear Shift

Top 10 Best Gamer PC Of 2013

This is competitor in the race of gaming PC due to its excellent performance.It uses dual NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti graphics cards with 1Gb of memory.It use core i7 950 processor.May this processor is not good but it show excellent performance.It has 4 sticks of 2GB DDR3 RAM.This is more than any other gamer PC which make it unique and quick in its working.It is compatible with window 7 and window 8..In short this gamer PC is amazing in its working. price: $2,239.00.

4. Origin Genesis
Top 10 Best Gamer PC Of 2013
Origin genesis is high quality gamer PC.It has three PC with different designs internal structure and RAM.You can choose anyone according to your choice and requirement.It has Intel Core i7-3930 processor.It is equipped with DDR3 ram with 8Gb of memory.It has solid state drive with memory of 60 Gb.For saving music,movies and games it has 1Tb RAM drive.Window 7 is suitable for this gamer PC but Window 8 is also suitable.
Price: $1337.00 

5.AVA Direct Xeon 5600 5500 CrossFireX

Top 10 Best Gamer PC Of 2013
It is specialised gaming computer and notebook with a lot of exclusive features.It show powerful and outstanding performance.It uses Intel Zeon E5620 processor.It is equipped by high RAM DDR3 with 6 Gb of memory.It is improved version of technology and we except that there will be progress in its hardware and architecture in future.

Price: $809.39 

6.Maingear X-Cube FM1
Top 10 Best Gamer PC Of 2013
It is very mini and small gamer PC with excellent performance.It is in cube shape with weight of 30 pounds.It has extra USB ports.It has 4Gb of RAM with 500 Gb hard drive.It not have liquid cool system so overheating problem can be created but an extra fan is equipped with its hardware to cool it.

7.Alienware Aurora

Top 10 Best Gamer PC Of 2013
It is best gamer PC.It has many new features.It has core i5 processor.It has RAM DDR3 with 4Gb of memory.It take 550 watt to start up but to upgrade it it uses 850 watt.It has microphone,headphone jack,2 USB ports and SAT port.This is mid range gamer system with upgrade option.
Price: $2678.00.

8.iBuyPower Paladin D875
This is powerful gamer PC with top quality processor.It has 12 Gb of RAM and single hard drive.It is deficient of blue player Which make it unique in its performance.It has unique external body with a small black angled panel USB ports and headphone and microphone jacks.It has core i7 3828
processor.Cooling system is established to avoid from overheating.It is compatible with window 8 and has 3 years of warranty.
Price: $1734.00 

9.Digital Storm Hailstorm
Top 10 Best Gamer PC Of 2013
This gamer PC is among top ranked with best performance.It has i7-970 processor.It has DDR3 RAM with 16 Gb of memory.It has solid state disk with 12 Gb of memory and HDD of 1 Tb.It is equipped with ASUS Sabertooth X58 motherboard which is one of the best in market.Its weak point is that it dose not has ability to chat and drivers downloads.

10.Cyberpower Black Pearl
This excellent gamer PC has many features.It has top quality hardware.It has low cost RAM and has compatibility with window 8.It has processor core i7-980 and support cooling system to avoid overheating.It has RAM XMS DDR3 with 16 Gb of memory.It has PCI slot,SATA connection and 10 USB ports.It has 3 years working warranty and 1 year hardware warranty.It has slow response email time.
Price: $1229.00 

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  1. only good thing i see are the cases, i prefer make my self pc for the same price, and those black pearl dont deserve that name, my pc call like that first

  2. u dunno about the ROG of ASUS ? the craziest desktop pc dude.