How To Lock Your Computer With USB Flash Drive Using Predator

There is amazing trick by which you can lock your computer/laptop by USB flash drive using predator.
Predator enables you to lock and unlock computer by removing and inserting USB flash drive.Basic concept behind this trick is that program produce a security code when you insert a USB. If you enter correct security code then you can access your computer.But if any one who does not know and try to unlock your computer then he/she will be asked to enter the code and if he/she does not enter correct code in 20 seconds then alarm will sound and he/she will not access your computer.
Interesting fact is that predator change your security code frequently,so if any one copy your USB security code he will not able to access because security code will continuously change.Follow the given below steps to lock your computer.
2)Predator will automatically open after its installation.
3) Insert USB flash drive in your computer.
4)Now you will be asked to enter password.
5)Click on “ OK” and set new password.
6)Choose correct drive letter ”USB key drive”.
7)Click on “create key”.
8)Click on “ OK”.


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