250,000 Twitter accounts Hacked

11:18 PM By Anonymous

Bob Lord, Twitter’s Director of Information Security said that the company had detected unusual patterns this week that led it to identify attempts to access user data.
He said:
 “We discovered one live attack and were able to shut it down in process moments later,”
In explanation he said that hacker now have access to thousand of user account data encrypted password. This done by group of professional hackers and not a 1 day work they ma planing for it for a long time.
According to Technology rise it is important for social media websites to give security to users information, this news is alarming for twitter but we think what they have to do with thousand of accounts, Technology rise think that it is due to continuously increase in users of twitter other social networks will love this news today we also change password of twitter account and increase security information and also suggest you people to review your account may be you are among these 250,000 peoples who are hacked by Professional hackers.