Universal Remote Control

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Universal Remote Control

Technology has added up to the importance of the gadgets and devices. These gadgets are getting worth in the lives of the human being. Human has started to rely on these technologies and using them in new stale day by day. They are also using it for the fashion and for show off too. Apart from these aspects gadgets have emotional attachment too with human beings.
Universal remote control has a new concept to control other gadgets. It informs us about the about health conditions of human body. It is possible through its characteristic of displaying a transparent view. These remote controls have the ability to recognize humans as a living gadget. It can display a view according to the requirement and emotional desire of the human holding it on the transparent LCD. And this is possible because of a hidden IT flesh in it. When the IT flesh is off its visible screen disappears. And the remote control becomes transparent.  And can start its functionalists again when it is on again when it is turned on to the sensitiveness of the goblet LCD. This LCD follows the same concept and technology as common LCD has. This universal remote control contains a blood pressure measuring tool that can help the holder to measure the blood pressure and by scanning the blood pressure this remote control can get the data of the human being`s emotional conditions. This apparatus is removable from the remote control.
Universal Remote Control

User can use the press the sensitive part of the universal remote control to open it and can control it by scrolling it in the different orders to handle it, while the gravitational sensor makes capable of moving and using the remote control in any location.This universal remote control has the ability to interact it with other devices and gadgets. By interacting to the other gadgets it has the capability to meet the requirements of the other users on the different interface just because all the family members do not have same taste and change its interface accordingly.User can also remove the blood pressure apparatus from the remote control and can use it as an earring wearing it on his ears and can be up to date from his own emotions. It is easy to remove the blood pressure measuring tool and to reattach it.User can see the icons of his favorite channels on the IT interface of the universal remote control. And these icons change according to the unlike demands of the users.


  1. Any news when these will be available? I want a transparent remote!