Stay Safe ! How To Keep Hackers Away From Your Facebook Account

Facebook become's the number one website in world and its user increasing at high pace. Facebook is type of  palace where you have your important pictures information and data s well , as its users increasing there also increase in a group of peoples who always looking ways to hack peoples account to misuse them. so if your Facebook account have worth to you then you should take some important steps to secure your account and keep hackers away from your account or there is a great possibility of your account to be hacked and misused.
There are some steps which i suggest to you to follow:

Step 1. Create a Strong Password: Strong password mean that your password  must be a combination of  characters,numbers ,alphabets and contain at least eight characters , don't use your name and id name in password as it is guessable and your Facebook account must be different from your other accounts like yahoo , G mail etc. if your password is not secure and easy to guess  change it right now,


How To Keep Hackers Away From Your Facebook Account
 Note- Enter Strong password and save it.

Step 2. Enable Secure browsing :Secured browsing is referred as https some times when you enable this option all your  activities on Facebook then encrypted and then it will not be possible other then you to access your Facebook information without your permission.
To Enable secure browsing -

                                   How To Keep Hackers Away From Your Facebook Account

Step 3. Log in approvals: If you enable the login approval then whenever you try to log in using an unrecognized computer, You'll have to enter a security code that Facebook text to your mobile phone. This is good to secure your account
To Enable Log in approvals-


How To Keep Hackers Away From Your Facebook Account

Step 4 Generate password for applications:  Now a days the main source of Facebook hacking is applications of Facebook. when you join any application they ask you to allow them account info and so how they got all the info of your account and can use if any type of activity so it is good to generate password for applications so that they have no access to your personal information.
To generate password for applications-


How To Keep Hackers Away From Your Facebook Account

Other Tips

  • Always sign out instead of closing window.
  • Don't provide account info to any one now a days people send mails pretending to be a Facebook team don't provide them info
  • Never ever enter your account info on sites which claim to increase Facebook likes etc