Facebook Offers More Than 10 Free Antivirus Software

Every one consider that Facebook not benefit them in any way financial like some other social networks did, Today while using Facebook i found that Facebook allow us to download many antivirus for free sorry not free in cost of linking that products page, how it sounds we daily like many pages and got nothing now you going to download a program which is necessary for your computer system at cost of just liking a products page.

Facebook Offers More Than 10 Free Antivirus

So Following is the list of antivirus programs which Facebook offer to Download:

  • Norton 
  •  Avast
  •  AVG 2013
  •  Avira
  •  McAfee
  •  Kaspersky
  •  Microsoft Security Essentials
  •  Panda  2013
  •  Trend 2013 for Windows 
  •  Webroot Antivirus 2013
  •  Total Defense Security Assessment

So if you looking for antivirus it is a chance for you to get free antivirus software

How to get a free anti virus from Facebook:

As i told you before to download these antivirus you have to like the page of that products page. They will show you Download button immediately when you click on like button of their official page.

Follow Steps to Get Free Antivirus From Facebook:

Step 1:

Facebook Offers More Than 10 Free Antivirus

Step 2:

Select Antivirus You want to download .

Step 3:

Like page of that Antivirus(official Page). also shown in Figure Below.

Facebook Offers More Than 10 Free Antivirus

They Provide you now with link to Download. This is just for once you only download at once because we can only like a page at once. ya sure you Can try UN-liking page. Up to you.

Comment Below which Antivirus you Going to Download. 


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