How To Embed Your Website In Facebook Page Tab

This Tutorial is for peoples who wondering about showing/embedding their vBulletin Forum in their Facebook page tab. so there Facebook fans easily access there web without leaving facebook.
Requirements1: SSL Certificate Installed on Main Website2: Facebook ApplicationGetting Started !
2nd Step :
b) Now You are in Your Applications Area, where you can see/manage all of your Facebook application, In this area Look for “Create New App” and click on it
You will see a Dialogue Box Requiring Your App Info
App Name : This is your Application Name You can choose whatever name you like
App Namespace : This is your app url name, this does not cotain aqny spaces or slashes or dashes.
Note : Dont Check the Web Hosting Option, because we are going to show our website from our own existing hosting, we dont need free hosting from facebook
Now Click on ” Continue” you will see a security captcha, fill that and move on next
Now we will configure our application to be installable on facebook page tab. A Facebook app is loaded with lots of option for varuous purpose but we need only 2 options here that we need for our current requirements. (i) App on Facebook (ii) Page Tab.
Now Click on App on Facebook & Page tab to Expand The Options and fill out the settings with your website information
Now we are going to Install it as our page tab.
Navigate o new tab in your browse and enter the Following URL with your App ID & App URL

Congratulation! You have successfully installed your facebook application and page tab. now you can preview it. Subscribe To My Blog and RSS Feed to get updated with more unique stuff.
1st of all we need an SSL Certificate installed on your main website, because Facebook requires it for showing your website within Facebook iframe. if you don’t have it the users who have enabled secure browsing on Facebook which is i think more than 90% doing, the cant see your website. You can Buy cheapest SSL Certificates from Godaddy
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Now we are going to setup our Facebook application that will be going to use for our facebook page tab.
a ) Navigate to “” You will see the following screen, Click on Apps Tab

Your Box After Filling all valid information looks like this.
Now we have successfully created our facebook application and now your are on your app management option. Here you can see you app ID and secret key, dont share it with anyone.

Now you are done, hit SAVE CHANGES, we have now succesfully created and setup your application, youcan test it by going to your application URL which is showing at top in this settig page like“” you will see your website loading in facebook frame.
You will see following box, now select your page where you want to install this tab and hit on Ad Page Tab.


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