How to Bypass g mail verifcation

6:07 PM By Anonymous

Google need mobile verification for his new user so if you cant verify you account you can not use Google service here is trick to Bypass or skip mobile verification and make account on Google without verification just follow Steps

Bypass gmail Mobile verification
Follow these steps :

Step 1:

Go to  K7 and log in if you have account other vise complete the sign up process which is short then log in there. In this site you have facility to receive fax or voice calls without using any phone number.When you  create an account there, they will provide you a unique phone no of United States.

Step 2.

Go to G mail to create a new account, Fill all information honestly but in country select United States and after that click on Create account don't forget to check boxes of term of services and agreement.

Step 3.

when you click on the create account button there will open a new page which ask you to verify yourself,  There will be two options :
Message verification.
Call Verification.
Select Call verification and enter the number you got from Step 1.

Step 4.

Go to K7 there fill be a file for you, download the attachment file and listen the code.

Step 5:

Enter this code in verification Box. and Click verify.

your account verification is complete now you can use your account.

This is how to verify G mail account with out having mobile