How to insert Youtube video in PowerPoint.

Hello guys ,In this we will help you to insert YouTube videos in your power point presentation by two ways  . Firstly you can Embed YouTube Videos Directly into PowerPoint or you can directly Play YouTube Videos in PowerPoint without Internet.It will depends upon you .Best one is that you Play the video in the power point because it will remove you dependence of internet and its speed problem but if you are aware of internet connection and speed you can also simply embed  the video in power point presentation .

Embed YouTube Videos Directly into PowerPoint 

Steps to embed you tube video in the power point presentation

1  Download and install the YouTube wizard plug-in the the given link.
2 It will add new install YouTube Video  command to your PowerPoint Toolbar.

Now you simply have to type the URL of the Youtube Video and follow the wizard to embed the video in your current PowerPoint slide.Moreover if you want to resize and change the position of the Video Player .

Play YouTube Videos in PowerPoint without Internet

In this you can direct add the video in your PowerPoint Presentation and it will run there you dont have to depend upon the internet speed and connection.To add Video in powerpoint persentation follow the following steps
1 Download the Youtube Video in window Media or AVI format as all other format doesn't understand by PowerPoint .
2 Once video is saved in AVI or wMV format then open the powerpoint and choose Insert and Movie then "Movie from file " to add Youtube video.

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