How To Parmanently Delete Facebook Chat Messages

Hello Friends, today I am going to discuss a problem that some of you guys are facing i.e when we delete ur facebook chat conversation but after some time If we receive a new message back for that person all old conversation will be again now what to do to delete all this conversation permanently?
This is because you had delete by simply clicking on the "x" button on the side of all the conversation by such deleting only the name of that person you have talk had deleted not the messages the messages will be still be perserved and will be reappear when you receive a message again .
So here are few steps to permanently delete all the message.

If you have not yet archived your message:
  • Login to facebook.
  • Go to Messages tab.
  • Open any message.
  • It will show you entire conversation.
  • You will see Actions drop down menu on right side of conversation.
  • Select Delete Messages... from menu.
  • Here you can delete selected messages or all messages.
If you have archived your message:
  • Go to Messages tab.
  • Scroll down, click on Archived under View.
  • All other steps are same with above procedure