Samsung reduced the price of Galaxy Tab 2 in india

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We always come with best news for you similarly today we have interesting news for you that the Samsung Company is in a price cutting binge. In India the price of the Samsung galaxy’s both versions of tablets 2 is cut down. 

The price of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 was Rs 13,900 when it launches in India but now its price is cut down to Rs 12,750 and it also has a free Bluetooth headphone. At the other hand the Samsung also decreased the cost of Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 P3100 from Rs 19,500 to Rs 16,499. 

The general specifications of galaxy tablets P3100 are given below:

·         Processor: 1 Gega Hz Dual Core Processor
·         Display: 7 inches WSVGA (1024×600) PLS TFT
·         Operating System: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
·         Main camera: 3 Megapixel Camera Sub
·         Front camera: VGA for Video Call
·         Connectivity: Bluetooth technology v 3.0USB 2.0 Host Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct
·         Memory status: 16 Gega Byte User memory + 1GB (RAM) micro SD (up to 32 Gega Byte)
·         Weight: 345 g

Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 is almost having the same hardware specifications with Samsung galaxy tablet P3100 but it not support the 3G system internet access.

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Sony Playstation 4 Specifications

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Sony Playstation 4 Specifications

Sony have finally officially announced new PlayStation 4, although
no release date has given it has been confitmed it will be out
in time for the 2013 holiday season. We also have no official price
but several sources who are familiar with Sony say it could be around
the $429 starting point. So, now we know it is real and it will
be out this year, let's take a llok at the specs and features
of their brand new games console.

 *X86-64 AMD 8 Core CPU
*AMD Radeon-based Graphics engine
*Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
*USB 3.0, HDMI
*Brand new Dual Shock 4 controller with a touch screen and light bar
 for player identification. Also includes headphone jack
*Built-in 3D camera
*Video streaming from game play
*Playstation Move compatibility
*Brand new user interface
*Ability to be able remotely control someone else's game
*Apps to turn iOS and Android devices into controlers
*Watch content or play games while downloading-no boot required
*Games can be bought online, no need to purchase hard copies

Interesting Facebook Password Update !!!

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Interesting Facebook Password Update !!!

Intresting Facebook Password Update !!!

Facebook allows the following variation of your passwords:

1. Your Original Password:

Let us assume that you are using "hackTheUniverse" as password. Yeah, you can log in with 

your default password ;)

2. Your original password with the case reversed(Toggle case):
This one will be interesting one. You can toggle the case of your Password and use it.

For instance, your are using "hackTheUniverse" as your default password. In this password, 'T' and 'U' is Capitalized. 

if you toggle the password case, then your password will become "HACKtHEuNIVERSE". 

3. Your original password with the first letter capitalized:

If the first character of your password is in lower case and you change it to Upper case, you can still login with this one.

For instance, the original password is "hackTheUniverse" . In this password, the first character 'h' is in lower case. If you capitalize the first character, then your password is "HackTheUniverse".

The reason for 3 Passswords for your facebook account
It is not security flaw. It is just feature provided by Facebook.

"We accept three forms of the user's password to help overcome the most common reasons that authentic logins are rejected. In addition to the original password" Zdnet quoted as Facebook spokesperson saying. " we also accept the password if a user inadvertently has caps lock enabled or their mobile device automatically capitalizes the first character of the password."

The comparison of Sony Xperia Z with Google Nexus 4 in specifications

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Today we are going to compare the two handsets Sony Xperia Z and Google Nexus 4. When a mobile comes into the market the price is a key factor in his popularity and in this factor Google nexus is much better than the others but Sony Xperia is also very good with its new-gen features.

If we take a look on size then we can see that Sony Xperia has a 7.9mm in depth and it weights 146 grams and Google nexus 4 is 7.9mm in depth but its weight is less than Xperia, its weight is round about 139 grams.

The Sony Xperia Z has a 5 inch screen with a full high definition resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pix it has a good density of 441 pixels per inch. The Google nexus features 4.7 inches screens which have a high resolution 1280 x 1080 and also has a density of 318 pixels per inch. 

Sony Xperia Z features a 13.1-megapixel Sony Exmor RS sensor and it is much better than all the other phones and Google nexus 4 has an 8 Megapixel camera with a 2.2 megapixel front camera.
Sony Xperia Z has a long talk time battery of 11 hours and Google nexus 4 has a battery life of 15 hours. If we talk about their storage then Google nexus 4 and Xperia Z has a space of 16 gega byte and 8 GB respectively. Both of the two phones have a RAM of 2 gega byte.

There is an extra feature in Sony Xperia Z that it is fully water resistant and it is a great feature of it.
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First full HD smartphone G Pro of LG exposed

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There is big technology news for you that that LG unveiled his first high definition smartphone G pro. LG electronics unveiled this smartphone on Monday.

 In this smartphone there is a high definition screen which provides a clear view and you can see pictures two times clear than the previous smartphones of LG. 
There is a unique feature in this smartphone that it has a display with two million pixels and this amount of pixels is higher than any other high definition smartphone. It also has a full high definition camera and this camera can capture full HD pictures. This camera is also can make high definition videos.

We have news that new Optimus G Pro is available at the price of $ 894 and 968,000 won in South Korea. If you want more information about the latest technology devices then keep visiting our site.

Meteorite fall on Russia

4:07 PM By Anonymous

Here we are going to tell you about very important news that a meteorite is recently fall on earth in the country of Russia. This meteorite is fall on Russia’s Ural Mountains at the day of Friday. 

The meteorite break into pieces and it burns with a flash and smashed hundreds of windows, also 1000 people are got injured in this incident. Proletarian videos transmit on state television and in this video there is an object falling on earth with smoke at 9:00 am but after that it changes into a fireball.

The people which are living in the city of Chelyabinsk got highly affected by this incident and they are telling that there is a big smash comes and hits their doors and windows hardly and break them.

Head of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Zakharov said that “The light was so intense that it completely illuminated the courtyard of our apartment block. The sound, the shock wave came around six minutes later. No one could understand what had happened. I'd compare it to the explosion of a large flare bomb.”

Also there are news from Emergency Situations Ministry that about 1000 of people are get affected by this incident and 43 people are admit in the hospital. Most of the people get injured by the glass which broke with the smash of this meteorite. 

All of the children are shifted from schools to a safe place, when this thing happen all the students in schools starts crying and screaming. A woman tells that “We didn't understand what was happening. We thought an airplane had crashed”

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How to Restart, Sleep or Shut down Windows 8?

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Some people are having problems with windows 8. A little problem that the people have is how to restart, shutdown, or sleep the windows 8. We have some useful tricks for you to do this you have to follow the below tricks.

·         First you go to the right side of the screen and pre windows key with C, when you do this a charm option will appear.
·         Just go to the charms menu and click on the setting button.
·         Then you have to click on the power button and then chose what you are wanted to do like shutdown or restart.

There is another thing that you can also create shortcut for the shutdown, hibernate, restart and sleep options and then you can do this faster.
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How to download a file from Internet?

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Some people are having a great problem when they are working on internet; one of the big problems that people face is how to download a file from internet. Many of the peoples don’t want a correct way to download a file.

 So these people had nothing to worry because here we are going to tell you the easy way to download a file from internet. In the below tip we are going to use Microsoft internet explorer for teaching you. However all the browsers don’t have same tips to do this but when you read these steps you is getting answers of too many things.

  1. If you want to download a file from a website then you just click on the link provided by the website. By clicking this downloading link website show you the download option.
  2. In second step you the website ask you that open this file or save it to your computer. It also asks you that where he put this file. If you are using windows then you should save it to desktop.
  3. There is also a main thing that some of these files are compressed so you have to extract them and then run the program.
  4. At last you have to be sure that the file you are downloading is not had a virus in it and for this purpose you need to update your antivirus at regular bases.

How to close an app in Windows 8

There is a new feature in Microsoft windows 8 that your open apps are remain open at last your computer shutdown. In Microsoft windows 8 they get rid of the file menu, close, minimize, and resize choices and give another feature which is app command. The bar of app command is place at the bottom of the screen and you can select it with right click.

In Microsoft windows 8 there is a option to open the app but they don’t provide you the choice to close the app if you want to close app then we have some ways to do this. Follow the instructions below. 

·      Shift the mouse to the extremely peak of the app that must transform the mouse arrow in a hand, then click and drag or else take that app to the underneath of the display. just the once you permit leave of the app it will close up.

·      There is also a simple option that you can press Alt+F4 to close the app or any other program you want.

·      WHEN YOU CLICK WINDOWS BUTTON WITH Tab then app will appear click on the app and close it.

Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop

9:48 AM By Anonymous ,

Here we are discussing that which is best the Amazon Kindle Fire or Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop there is a question that if you go to the market for baying and you have to chose the one between those two then which is the one you chose. The answer of this question is not too easy because tablet has the same abilities which a laptop has. 

If we take a look on Lenovo's IdeaPad laptop then we can see that it is very excellent for watching videos.
We experienced not as much of costly tablets accessible which is Kindle Fire High Definition and its price is $ 199. In this less than $ 200 price you have a 7.0 inches screen and a Wi-Fi system and the memory of this tablet is 16 GB. And if you want a 32 GB version then you have to spent more money.

  But there is a point that tablets are not physically powerful like laptops. There is another factor of memory that tablets don’t have much memory some tablets have micro SD card that provides you 64 GB memory but this is also not good for your storage.

 In Amazon Kindle Fire tablet you have a 7 inches screen high quality display and also a lots of apps but still some people wants a hard big keyboard and a big screen and a hard disk and all these things are available in laptops.

But tablets aren't the answer for everyone. Some users still need the larger physical keyboard, larger screen, and hard-disk and optical drives that a laptop offers. At the same price Apple is giving his ipad with retina display and Lenovo Series Z480 laptop is also available at this price.

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Intel is planning to launch Internet TV this year

There is latest news for you that a top chip maker Intel Corporation is planning to launches an internet television this year where you have live and on require content.  Intel is going into a total untried and highly cost making market and in this field Intel also not has skill and affiliation. Vice president of Intel Media named Erik Huggers said on this point that they are talking and making relations with content contributors.

There are some net televisions are introduced by Apple company and Erik Huggers said that all of Intel workers and the families of the workers are before now trying a set-top box which the company want to sell as element of the service. Intel provides the smaller content than those content which provided by the cable operator.

 Erik Huggers said that “we have been working for (the past) year to set up Intel media, a new group focused on developing an Internet platform,” “It's not a value play; it's a quality play where we'll create a superior experience for the end user." He added.

If Intel's plan give a successful result but what about the competition with other companies which already provided the television live programming and content like Apple Amazon and Netflix. In this aspect the Erik Huggers said that "There is an opportunity to offer a bundle that can be curated by the consumer, an opportunity to create smarter bundles.”

An analyst Stacy Rasgon is giving warning to the Intel by saying that “The question you have to ask with Intel is, is anything they do big enough to move the needle? You're not going to make or break the company on something like this.”

But the company’s vice president said that their company workers are testing the sound and other features and we are fully believed that we can do this. Now see what happen, if you want more information about this television net then keep visiting our site.

Top 10 free proxy software's

2:53 AM By Anonymous

The people used the Free Proxy Software's to entrance to the blocked and forbidden websites, Proxy is a free of charge plan that permit you to protect your connection during surfing. The big amount of users uses it to open those sites which are blocked in their country by some reason.
For using proxy you have to choose good proxy software, if your software is not good then you have many problems with your internet so here I am going to tell you about those proxy softwares with which you can run proxy surfing without any problem.

Below are the 10 free proxy softwares

1. Freegate

The Freegate proxy software is very easy to use because it uses English as well as Chinese language this software can run and download without installation.
As soon as Freegate starts, it will without human intervention open Dynaweb home page and you can turn off this page in the settings.

 2. UltraSurf

This software is also easy software and it can run on your device without any installation. Also this software supports both languages English and Chinese.
When this software starts an ultra home page automatically open but you can stop it by changing the settings.

3. GTunnel

Same as the above two softwares the GTunnel also support both English and Chinese language. There is a very interesting feature in this software that you can run this software as your Gtalk. This software opens a Garden Networks homepage when it runs.

4. Tor

This proxy software can support many of languages French, Chinese, English etc.if you are using a window you have to use it with Tor Browser Bundle or Vidalia Bundle to run this software. However for the most part of the time, you in addition require to put in some bridges.

5. GappProxy

This software is foundation on Google App Engine, this software only support Chinese language. To run this software most of the time you should download a GappProxy windows client but sometime you require making a fresh FetchServer with Google App Engine.

6. Hyk-proxy

This softaware is also free and easy. This software is also based on Google App Engine and it supports only Chinese instruction but you can saw its English instructions at Google translator. 

7. Your Freedom

If you want to use this software you should simply go to freedom website and create an account there and install the software and use proxy. The configuration of your freedom will acquire a small number of minutes, but robotically.

8. GPass

You just download and run this software to you proxy. There is another feature that you can use this on Skype and tar account.

9. Tunnelier

If you want to use this software then you must need a SSH account to make use of the free proxy software Tunnelier.
In support of SSH account, you be able to make use of your own hosting, or look for a free account.

10. Hotspot Shield

Hot spot shield is a very vast range software and it supports many languages like English, French and Chinese and Hotspot Shield furthermore supports Arabic, Persian, Russian and Vietnamese. 

You have to download and install hotspot shield then you can use proxy. There are shown ads on every page you open.

UAE phone lovers going to stores to take BlackBerry Z10s

2:40 PM By Anonymous ,

We have a nice information for you that the BlackBerry'smake or break Z10 phone is now in the markets of UAE and the market heads are saying that this device get most popular device and people are loving this blackberry Z10. They are expecting that this device is the popular device of this year 2013.

The Axiom Telecom CEO Faisal Al Bannai is also saying that with this touch screen blackberry Z10 the Blackberry Company regain its popularity which is lost due to his rivals like Apple and Samsung. He said that “The BlackBerry Z10 is already shaping up to be one of the UAE’s best-selling smartphones for 2013.”

In UAE there are lots of rush in the markets of handsets, people are coming to take blackberry Z10. This phone is mostly liked by the UAE people and makes a great market here. Axiom boss is also saying that “the UAE is one of most enthusiastic and vibrant BlackBerry markets in the world.”

Now see that what will happen when this blackberry is in the markets of other countries.
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Apple testing smart watch, termed as “iWatch”

As you know “Apple” is very famous among mobile companies, now they are testing on  a new technology of smart watch which is termed as “iWatch”. Apple is developing its own smart watch, according to reports by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. But according to our sources apple take experiments on curved devices made of curved glasses. 

And the devices which are can easily fit around our wrist and capable of running the mobile IOS platform. It is also expected that it would have similar features that all new devices have. So it would be a great step towards mobile technology.

 It is not Apple's first attempt at a wristwatch device, they also developed nano models which have face and size like wrist watch.

As hardware getting smaller and technology increasing devices become light weighted and easy to handled. This is the main cause that all big companies in this era of technology try to discover new interesting and easily usable devices.

 Now days every person wants that he must have a very small device and every application is easily run on this device. So companies kept this fact into their minds while developing any device.

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iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7: Which Is much better

2:33 PM By Anonymous , , ,

Today we came with an analysis that which is the best iPad Mini or the Nexus 7 because these days two smart tablets are top of the marketing and they are Google’s Nexus and iPad Mini. If you have to take one of them then you have to choose that you want to use Android system or iOS.

There is also a little difference between the screens of these two mini tablets and the battery life of these tablets is also very differing from one another. The price factor is also there so we take a look on these features that which tablet is better than other.

We can see that The 16 Gega Byte versions of the Apple iPad Mini’s price is around about $ 329 and this ipad is much easier to put into your pocket if we compare with previous version. The other tablet Google Nexus 7 will cost you $ 199 and if you have low budget then it is a best choice for you.

If we take a look on design then we can see that no one can beat the Apple desing same as ipad mini has a great look but Google Nexus is also looks good and had a soft plastic back but iPad is much better than that Nexus7.

Equally the two of the tablets have great long life battery in them. IPad mini is a little better from Nexus 7 because it has a battery life of ten hours and the Nexus 7 has a battery life of 8.3 hours.

In this conversation we can include that both the tablets are well developed and both are good for users. If you want more information about technology then keep visiting our site.

Key Features of Black Berry Z10

Z10 is one of the most famous among black berry phones. It has most stunning features in it, or I can say key features. So here we talked about these features of Black Berry Z10.

It has a body of size 130 x 65.6 x 9 mile meter (in dimensions) and weight less than 138 g (5 oz). It has Capacitive touch screen type display with 16M colours capability. It has display screen of size 768 x 1280 pixels, 4.2 inches (~355 ppi pixel density) with multi touch facility.

 It has 16GB of storage internally and 2GB ram of its own and connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, MicroSD slot for expansion and a removable battery. It is the first black berry device which is not contain the “QWERTY” keyboard.

 It is also have screen sharing feature. Users can share screens and allow each other to get a glimpse of other person’s work. 

Black Berry Z10 is compatible with ISO and Android devices. BlackBerry is another feature of Black Berry Z10. That lets the user access occasionally used functions like messages, notifications, contacts and calendars without switching between apps. Another feature Black Berry flow allows user to go back to what they doing with the simple swipe of the screen.If you want more tech info then stay in touch with us.

Review of Nokia Lumia 820

Today we are going to review the Nokia lumia 820 we can see that this version of Nokia lumia is not getting such fame like its higher version of 920 but here we talk that what are the good feature which Nokia lumia has in it.
Because nokia Lumia 820 still contain an abundance of actions in its sheath.

The hardware
The design of this lumia 820 is not so good but there is a fantastic feature in it that it has many of covers with different colors. It also has a wireless charging cover. You can mix and change these covers and give some nifty look to this lumia. But there is only one issue that these covers take some time and exercise with your nail to put off.
It has a removable battery and a card slot under his cover and these features are not available in Nokia lumia 920. 

Camera and display screen
Nokia lumia 820 has a very good camera of 8 mega pixels and it is so good in the low light conditions and also this with this camera he has a good position compare to Samsung galaxy S3 mini. Its snaps have a soft and nice look. If we talk about video recording then we can see that it made full high definition video and has a fine display screen.

The standard Nokia Windows Phone experience
There are also some Nokia apps in this handset like Nokia music, Nokia drive, Nokia city lens and other apps. There is also a feature in it to purchase the tracks.
There are also a number of camera apps presented in Nokia lumia 820 which are ever-popular Cinemagraph and Smart Shoot programs.

Windows Phone 8
Nokia lumia 820 is a windows 8 phone and it supports window 8 and its fantastic features like app handling and other features. There are also a new app in Windows Phone 8 is the Wallet app, which grip your card information as fit as any relationships or tokens. Within a grand touch, you be able to pay for apps from your wallet.

A dominant device
Nokia lumia 820 has the same 1.5 Gega Hz dual-core processor and 1Gega Byte RAM and these specifications are same with Nokia lumia 920. With the entire feature its game play is also very smooth and nice.
The nokia Lumia 820 is an expensive handset if we compare it with Nokia lumia 920 and other android based handsets. The price of Nokia lumia 820 is R5999.Still the Nokia Lumia 820 is extra costly than it wishes to be.
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How CNET Tests Monitors

2:23 PM By Anonymous ,

CNET is an American tech media organisation. This has its own website also. But here we are talking about that how CNET test monitors. CNET have their own tools and devices to check the performance of monitors.

 They use a variety of DisplayMate test screens in conjunction with diagnostic equipment, and most important tool, the human eye. Each test screen perform different test that emphasizes on different problems, like text readability, colour accuracy, or screen uniformity.

One of the testing devices of CNET lab is test bed which is consists of a 3.2GHz Core i7 960 CPU, 4GB of DDR3 RAM running at 533MHz to check the colour performance of all monitors with 32-bit colour display.
Things like light source, viewing angle and system graphics have an effect on display performance.

 All this type of testing is performed in controlled lightening environment using CinemaQuest Ideal-Lume lights.

For brightness tests CNET use Minolta CA-210 LCD colour analyzer. And for analyzing contrast ratio they use default contrasts and brightness setting. They divide the average luminance of the white squares by the average luminance of the dark squares to know about the display's contrast ratio.

Another important test of CNET’s Lab is DisplayMate test which include Page of text, Intensity and grayscale, Low saturation colors, Extreme grayscale bars, 64-256 intensity color ramp, dark screen, colour scales, etc.

Taiwan based company Gigabyte announced a new ultrabook

3:53 AM By Anonymous ,

There is new technology news for you that a Taiwan based company named Gigabyte announced a new ultra book the name of this ultra book is U 2442. Anyhow if we look at this ultra book it looks just like a laptop its specifications are like laptop.

 This laptop is solid and very good for users also it is a thin ultra book and it is qualified by the Intel as an ultra book  It is powered by the 3rd generation processors of Intel core.

There are some other good features in this laptop that it has a 14 inches screen in High Definition also with a led back light display it also has a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixel. It can run both of the versions of window 7, basic or professional and also runs the window 8. It also has a 2.5 gega Hz processor in it.

The interior space begins at 4 Gega Byte with 8 Gega Byte up to 16 Gega Byte of DDRIII in two slots. It also has two fast connecting USB ports. It also has a 1.3 mega pixel web camera in it. It weights 1.59 kilo gram.

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5 Alternatives of Google adsense

11:31 AM By Anonymous ,

5 alternatives of Google Ad-Sense

Many of the people in this world want to make money online and they try many ways to do this. Some of the people make blogs or websites to make money but they have a same problem with it that they don’t have ads.
Normal people only know about the Google ad-sense which provide ads to the bloggers and site holder. But the approval of Google ad-sense is not easy. Here we are going to tell you about the 5 alternatives of Google ad-sense. On these sites you can earn money by placing ads.
Below you can see these sites:


 The first best paying site is Adbrite. Adbrite is the longest competitor of Google ad-sense  Adbrite is very best alternative of Google and he gains popularity as an alternative of Google ad-sense   This site is work with simple basic rules. Once you approved you can easily place your ads to your blog also this site has a low payment methods and it is easy to cash short money.


 This is also a good alternative of google adsense it has a feature that the other once can bid your ads and place them.his payouts are vary low and stars with only $10 and this is a good payout rate.


Chitika is a best alternative of Google adsense it has a same interface of text ads like Google. Chitika place ads relevant to your sit keywords and it are very easy for visiter to see your ads. Chitika also offer limited focused and mobile advertisement to lend a hand you make wealth in fresh and attractive ways. The Payouts of this company start at $ 10 for Pay Pal and $ 50 if you get a check.


Infolinks is the best company I have ever seen because it has a good platform and simple advertisement rules in it. It placed the ads in your text like a link. Infolinks create a word of your site as an advertisement link. Its payouts start at $ 50. 


At the same time as Clicksor is a background advertising answer similar to a lot of others but as well a small piece extra resourceful than the majority that it provides not just the common advertisement element, but too in order and rich media. Payouts begin at $50 is whichever PayPal or check.

If you want more information about these sites then stay in touch with us.

Blackberry Z10 5 New Features

9:50 AM By Anonymous ,

We have good technology news for you that blackberry announced some good changes in the features of its blackberry Z10. Blackberry is realizing the importance and popularity of the smartphones and iphones and its blackberry has some valuable changes in it. Now we are going to tell you about these changes so read carefully.

Below are the 5 features of blackberry Z10.


if we look at the hardware specification then it has a 4.2 inches screen as well as a 1280 x 768 resolution. Its screen density is per inch 365 pixels. It has a 1.5 gega Hz processor dual core and it also has a 2 gega byte RAM. It has two cameras one on the frond and one on the back and they are 2 Mega Pixel and 8 mega pixel respectively it has 16 gega byte storage and a good long battery life.

the keyboard of this blackberry is much better than the previous it is a fluid keyboard it has a good function keyboard. It is the first blackberry which doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard.
3-BlackBerry Hub

it is also a good feature of black berry z10 in this feature you can take all your massages in one space. In this space which is provided by blackberry you can take all your text, massages, and all written data. This feature is also helps the users to ease their self.

4-Screen sharing

This is a good sharing function this function is announced at the New York when the BB 10 releases. With this function you can share blackberry screen with blackberry messenger. With this feature you can share your space and screen and have a lot of fun together.

5-BlackBerry Browser

it has a good browser which can load all the html version sites easily. Multi tab and other good features are also in there. This browser is very likely to the people because they like to browse multi tab.

These are the five features which we discuss with you. if you want more information on technology then stay in touch with us.

FarmVille Game To Television -Coming Soon

1:00 AM By Rishabh Bhalla

Facebook most popular game FarmVille is a farming Simulation social network game developed by Zynga in 2009 has about 10,000,000+ monthly active users on both FarmVille and FarmVille 2 and Facebook page of these games has about 60 million likes .Both games are invite players to create their own elaborate, interactive farms.

For Expanding the brand Director Brett Ratner is working with  Canadian television production company Six Eleven Media to produce a half-hour animated television series based on Zynga’s hugely popular social media game, “Farmville.”According to the Director this will help them add more and more users to their brand.

Google's paid ads approaching to the smartphones and tablets

There is technology news for you about the ads plan of Google. We have come to know that Google start its business on Wednesday by putting its paid ads on the smart phones and the tablets.

Google is starting to improve his adwords plan and make the advertiser happy by placing ads on the smartphones and the tablets. 

In the blog post the Google senior vice president Ramaswamy said that “People are constantly connected and moving from one device to another to communicate, shop and stay entertained. Enhanced campaigns help you reach people with the right ads, based on their context like location, time of day and device type.”

The ads which are publicized to the smartphone customer can modify with only one click calling option. Google is giving these ads on the biding process that which ad is more reliable a relevant to the topic.

Now the people can also get In touch with advertisers on their smartphones. This is a good step made by Google in the field of smartphones and tablets. If you want more information about technology then keep visiting our site because we have much information about technology.

5 Substitutes of Facebook

Facebook is a largest social network in nowadays millions of peoples are sharing their information and talking with their beloved once with this social site. Facebook provide a good service to his users. There are also no issues in the security system of Facebook overall Facebook is a greatest social media and all the people in the world using Facebook for their convenience.  In this conversation we are going to tell you about the 5 substitutes of Facebook which you can use instead of Facebook.
Below you can see the 5 substitutes of Facebook one by one:

1. Bebo

The first substitute of Facebook is Bebo is made by AOL Bebo is a well growing social site in USA but it is also one of the most popular site in united kingdom and its nearby countries. I realize that, Bebo is solitary of the small number of social networking sites which defaults your information to secretive, a salutation element for persons looking to run away Facebook’s anti isolation.
In Bebo you got a number of choices of third gathering social media addition all along with the classic abilities you’d look ahead to such as photo tags, videos, music, and others like this.
Friendster is the second great social media site and it is already very well-liked in Asia but as well as in the US and UK. The Friendster allows you a small number of features to modify your outline, contribution a small amount of profile. Same as Facebook, Friendster also has a little large application which you can add to your profile.
Google plus is also a kind of site where you can put you information securely and also communicate with your all friends. Google plus is using by almost all the people who uses the Gmail or Google search engine. Google plus provides you a great platform to place your information’s and it also has communities like Facebook and also you can make friends on Google plus.

4. Orkut

Orkut is also a good social site and it is made by Google this site is highly using by the people of the two cities Brazil and India but it not has a great popularity in the country of united state.

 To do your work on Orkut you need a Gmail account and everybody is also using the Gmail account so it is easy to sign up for Orkut. This site does not allow you to customize your profile but other features are good.
Friend Feed formulate it trouble-free for the friends to go behind a user’s latently enormous quantity of information. However this is a vast service, actually it was actually get hold of by Facebook in 2009. What is the reason of concern its isolation, I am not fully sure about this. If you know something about this thing then post it into the comments.

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