How to Optimize Blogger Post Title

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There are total six tags which are H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6. H1 is biggest and H6 is smallest one. Heading tags are important for search engine optimization. some search engines like Google give more importance to H1 tag which contain the most important key word of the posts so we use H1 for important content but Blogger post titles are by default set to H2 or H3 depend on template which you are using , template also effect in ranking of blog. To set set the post titles of your blog to H1 we have write some steps below follow them to optimize your blogger post titles.

Step 1:

Log in to Blogger, go to Design / Layout > Edit HTML and tick the "Expand Widget Templates" check box.

Step 2:

Now using (CTRL +F) find following code.
<b : if cond = 'data : post.title '> 

Step 3:

Now replace 

<h3 class='post-title entry-title'> to <h1 class='post-title entry-title'> and </h3> to </h1>. like below we do.

If you don't find H3 tags in your template code then search for H2 tag instead of H3 because some templates use H2 tags also.

Step 4:

Now using (CTRL +F) find following code.


Step 5:

 Now we need to change post title font size by adding this code before/above it.

h1 . post-title, .post h1 #Blog1 h1, #Blog2 h1 { font-size:1.5em; }

After it save template and you all done. this template will now use H1 tags . see more SEO Tips for Blogger.

10 Best Free Windows 7 Apps You Must Have

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Newly installed window 7 and want best software. Here we make list of some top quality and free software which you must install on your computer. These software are necessary for your computer system if you want to connect to internet, edit image, view photos, listen songs, play movies and to perform system con figuration or system optimization of your computer. These software's will help you whenever you  want to perform a special task on your computer because window not came with all of software's these software's came in the section of utility software which depend on user to install according to his own taste.

List of 10 Windows 7  Apps You Must Have:

#1 Google Chrome :

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

Google's freeware internet browser is top on the list and installed on every peoples system who use this system to connect with world, it one of the faster browsers on the Web.  it also offer many beautiful extensions and offer high class security.

#2 Microsoft Security Essentials

when it comes to security of system software you must download is a good anti-virus/spyware utility. As antivirus is a must for system now a days if you don't have good antivirus then your window will not work properly for long time we suggest you to install antivirus to protect you computer from viruses and Trojan.  to see the list of Top 10 antivirus for 2013. Microsoft security essential is a freeware.  MSE is excellent antivirus software and it uses less space and not let your pc slow and is smart also to detect viruses and remove them.This is only available for original Windows 7. 


#3 Adobe Flash Player

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

Adobe Flash Player is necessary Software for windows 7 It allows you to watch video or many other types of flesh images on the Web . it is something important like window, window must have built in flesh player in it. you will be download sooner or latter because it is necessary and among those software's who download most so far.

#4 VLC Media Player:

VLC Media Player is open-source multi platform media player, and now the part of large number of computer systems, peoples use it to play any type of media because it is fast reliable and produce good result. it also include streaming features and much more features in it you must download it if you have plan to play any kind of media in your computer system it can play every type of file.

#5 Skype

Skype is the Most popular application for video chat and voice calls over the Internet. Skype allows users to call any other Skype user for free . With Skype you can do instant messaging and screen sharing and some other cool stuffs . Skype also have some paid services like calling a phone .

#6 Internet Download Manager:

Internet Download Manager is Power full and best software to download things in high speed. internet download manger can download any thin on any site it popularly used to download YouTube videos. it separate downloading file in to separate parts and then download ant high speed. Internet download manger best option is that you can pause any file and can resume it late and if downloading your computer go out of electricity download not lost. You can also add a URL to download manually.It is free for 30 days then you have to pay for it to continue using.

#7 ĀµTorrent :

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free
If you are aware of torrent client and want to install efficient client of it which occupies less space but gives optimum performance so it is  U Torrent which occupies less than half MB space of your system memory and allowed you to download files using torrent.

#8 CCleaner  :

This program automatically work for you to delete all unwanted data, cookies, temporary files which decrease performance of your system. It is  One way to speed up a slow computer is to clear up unnecessary junk files that pile up in your hard drive, and CCleaner does just that. And with an added uninstalling feature that removes annoying programs that refuse to leave your computer.

#9 Adobe Reader:

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free
Adobe Reader occupies lot of memory space than other similar software’s however it is better to stick with original creators of the PDF format. it allow you to view and navigate between PDF files important for your system also.

#10 Picasa Free Download : 

Picasa is the excellent photo viewer  to preview pictures , Picasa is a best photo viewer application Created by Google, Picasa gathers and organises all your photos to make them easily accessible. Adjusting and fixing your photos, posting them online, in Picasa you can edit, crop and make collage of our images ,also videos can be mixed and and we can take pictures of playing videos.

If you think there must be application which you miss comment below so that we add that to list.

The Best Android Apps of 2012-Announced by Google

1 Zappos - The papular android app for shopping because of free shipping and returns on shoes ,clothing
   ,housewares and more!
Cost- Free                                                   
Download-Click Here

2 Evernote -  It is an easy-to-use, free app that help to remember everything and known as second brain.
Download-Click Here

3 Pinterest - One of the best social sharing app for android let you pin from anywhere.Pin images from the web with your camera ,explore pins and boards you're interested in.
Download-Click Here

4 Grimm's Snow White - A very interactive app for children consist of fairy tales known as best interactive  
Cost- $1.99
Download- Click Here

5 Pocket- The best way to save and view articles ,video and more .Help to save articles on web and allow you to read later without internet connection .Its so papular because developers add articles constantly and publish those articles which are paid on some sites.
Cost- Free
Download-Click Here

6 Expedia -Best android app for booking hotels & flights anywhere.They also provide holiday coupon!and many more .
Download-Click Here

7 Ancestry- A very good social media app for android to build ,update and show off your family tree. You can add or edit family member and upload photos with them.
Download - Click Here

8 Fancy-It is the best place to buy great things.Discover amazing stuff items that you can "fancy" and then buy.Even after buy you can share your discovery among your friend.
Download- Click Here

9 Mint- The best free way to manage your money .Track, budget and manage your money with Mint android app.
Cost -Free
Download-Click Here

10 Seriesguide Show Manager- Manage the progress of (re-)watching your favorite TV shows.
Download -Click Here

11 Pixlr Express-More than 600 effects, overlays, and borders to personalize any image, free!
Download-Click Here

12 TED-TED Talk videos at your fingertips.
Download-Click Here

How to Optimize Blogger Title Tags

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What are Title Tags? The line you assign to your blog as Title of post is considered as Title tag of that post and these tags are also the part of link of your post and these links are indexed in search engines and search engine use them while matching the queries so it is always good to keep your title related to your post content. So that your position in search engine increases and your post appear on first page of search engine.

Why to change Blogger title tags?? if this question arose in your mind that why to change title tags as they are written by experts and developers. So your answer is template available in blogger was updated probably 5 years ago in 2007, since Search engine algorithms specially Google algorithm is changed a lot and you have great chance to be not shown in the search engines and loss of traffic. So to remain alive in Search engine and to compete other website blog it is important that make your Blogger template SEO friendly and so this  SEO related article will help you to Optimize your blog posts title and leave your competitors behind.

How to Change Blogger post title tags:

Step 1:

Go to blogger log in then go to template and edit HTML and proceed.

How to Optimize Title Tags of Blog

Step 2:

Check  Expand Widget Template.

Step 3:

using CTRL+F  Search for this line

<h3 class='post-title entry-title' itemprop='name'>

Step 4: 

Now Change 
 change <h3> to <h2> just replace 3 with 2  and there is still an ending/closing tag. You have to change both starting <h3>and ending </h3> tag into the template with <h2>.In between these tags this is all xml code which work on server to work as HTML page.

How to Optimize Title Tags of Blog

When you change both starting and ending tag then save the template. remember to change both tags starting and ending.

That's it. Now it not only increase visibility and beauty of your blog in search engine's results but also make your blog user friendly to and this will increase a lot of traffic to.
If your blog is not going well keep patience and keep posting also this is how you will be on top of search engines and keep searching for optimization of your blog. Check here more Tips for SEO of Blog.

How to Delete Facebook Search Histories

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Facebook is such a smart Social Networking website that it  save you first day search query , any comment or any activity you perform on Facebook. All terms are saved and you can review them also, it is good to delete all old record of Search query because it is good for privacy. Let say 2 years before you searched for "Sachin Tendulakar " on Facebook as usual we do, so Facebook will keep record of it and try to prompt you every time on right pane including people same as name with your search queries and ask you to add them as friend or Like that Page. It will be annoying for you to see adds and recommended users to add, as Friend.Facebook recommend these by using your data of search queries you performed till now if your interest is in music then Facebook show you the Recommendations of music and peoples whose interest is also similar to you and pages of Music band, because Facebook want to flourish his network and expand his business . Follow is example of some Recommendations

If you want this to end and want to delete all of your search history then Follow Simple Steps to Delete your Search History..

Step 1: Go to Profile and Click On Activity Log

Step 2: Select Search From Left Side of Screen and If you will see all of your Search history to Clear it click on Clear Search .

Step 3:

Facebook prompts you to that only you will see the history , because they want to show recommendations to you.

Step 4:

When you Clear the History all of your Search history will be removed and you will see the empty screen like below

How to change your Twitter Header and Background Photo

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Twitter is the fastest, simplest way to stay close to everything you care about.Now a days twitter has introduce new features for users to add new profile header photo which is very similar to Facebook timeline .That photo will appears in the large area at the top of your profile page.
Earlier there is a small avatar image to work which represent you or a brand .I think this Long profile photo on the profile page will helps you to make you profile more interactive as well as changing background also make more interesting and interactive page.
To do so follow these few easily steps
Step 1  Login  into your twitter account
Step 2  Click on the setting button present at the top right-hand corner and then choose setting in that.

Step3 In the menu that loads on the left-hand side ,select design.

Step 4  Scroll down to "customize your own" .Now click "change header" to upload your photo and click on "change background" to upload background photo.Also mark tile background if you want backgroung image inthe form of tile .

Step 5 After uploading click on "Save changes" .

Google Input Tool for Windows

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Google Input Tool for Windows

Google introduced a new tool by using this tool now people can write in there native language and using any keyboard. the user can write a word in the it is sounded and pronounced in its native language and this tool automatically work for it. this input tool also include  transliteration , on screen keyboards and ime.
This tool which is currently available for 22 different languages and no internet connection required to use this tool it is free and offline. the list of these languages is as follow.

 Amharic.                 Gujarati.                       Marathi.                       Sanskrit.                 Tigrinya.  
 Arabic.                    Hebrew.                        Nepali.                          Serbian.                    Urdu.
 Bengali.                   Hindi.                            Oriya.                            Sinhala. 
 Persian.                  Kannada.                      Punjabi.                         Tamil. 
 Greek.                    Malayalam.                  Russian.                         Telugu. 

View Following Pictures how it works in Hindi:

Google Input Tool for WindowsGoogle Input Tool for Windows

 Some Features:

  • No internet connection required to use
  • Free of cost
  • Dictionary support
  • word completion support
  • User friendly and very easy key board
  • If you have active internet connection you can also search words

Google Input Tool for Windows

How To Watch YouTube Video in VLC Media Player.

As we all know VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player which is very simple, fast and powerful Media player. As there are many features in VLC Media Player one of that which is very useful is that we can watch YouTube Video in VLC Media Player. Moreover it provides many other features like we can skip ads which might play before or between the video.Secondly we can watch video in any size of screen .Lastly we also change playback speed of video.

To play YouTube video in VLC Follow the following steps

1  Download VLC Media Player. Click on Download button below for instant download.
     If you have Then check for the updates because latest version support this.

2  Now Click on Media then in Media click on Open Networks Stream.

3 Now click on Networks for adding youtube video in Media Player.

4 Add your YouTube Video link URL in the box .Then click on Play

How to Disable user account Control in window 7

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Whenever you aim to install third part software in you computer so they prompt you to disable user account to install this software specially when you are in installation process of  skin pack . so this post will help you to disable your user accounts in window 7.
Follow simple steps to Disable User accounts control in window 7.

Step 1:

Go to control panel and select User accounts:

Step 2:

Select Change user account setting and open it.

Step 3:

Change the notify setting to never notify and apply setting.

Now your computer not interrupt you in installations of software. go and install any software you want.  

Convert window 7 to Android Look

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Android technology is conquering every thing  now a days smart phones, tablets, macs PC in short every thing now prefer using android technology now Android in May 2013 going to introduced new version of Android. At this time Android 4.2 Jelly beans is latest version of Android. We provide here a way to show your window 7 to look like a Android. This is Android Skin pack for window 7 and almost many of you are familiar with it also.

Download this skin pack whose link is given below both for 32 bit and 64 bit versions and install this pack according to pictures shown below.

Step 1:

Firstly Disable user account to install properly.
Run executable file and select your type of installation.

Step 2:

Select settings which suit you.

Step 3:

Select install and your installation will start as in picture below.

After your installation is completed your computer now have new look now.